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Friday, March 29, 2013

"When, in the which?"

From William Blake's Illustration of the Book of Job
Recently I wrote this to a media person who dwells in the realm of radio:
As they say in the South, "This mornin' Ah heard tell" that your program airing today features people sharing stories about how they became Democrats or Republicans -- kinda' like how they grew into their dresses and slacks.
During the program, I hope there will be discussion of thinking processes outside the traditional DemRep Box, especially now that my friend's Great Grandfather's sentiment, "Not a dime's worth of difference," is echoing more powerfully than ever, especially now that we, ten years later, review both parties' complicity in launching our little adventure in Iraq.
When I mention that I am running for president as an independent, Folks are overjoyed to hear that there is another alternative. However, recognizing the MSM's inability to pronounce any other party name more complicated than "demm-crat" or "pub-lickin", and considering Those Two are both fiercely attached to the Creature -- deserving of both less pronounceable names, Leviathan & Behemoth [1] -- about which President Eisenhower warned us, initially intending to use the phrase "military, industrial, congressional complex" (Italics mine.) -- in light of that, as the deluge of propaganda continues, there's little likelihood that Folks will soon eagerly announce, "Ah heard tell there's another political party!"
The man who saved my life in Vietnam goes further, heartily believing that Those Two are minor subsidiaries of that Creature; indeed, preferring the Behemoth, he metaphorically, most vehemently relegates the Republicrats and Demicans to hind teat. 
Note 1. Great site: < >
And so, Boys and Girls, "Where are we? How far from the Apocalypse; how near to Armageddon; how soon shall we be on the Road?"

"Dad, tell me again what 'cannibal' means..."
Traveling that Road made more difficult by ravenous survivors? Who knows how soon the legendary words will be given the sardonic culinary twist: "When in the event of human courses..."

Bon appetit.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Mencken, Montaigne & Twain, Oh My..."

Lewis Lapham's writing gives me pause, conceptual headaches, and now prompts me to examine my own inner zoo. As Mr. Lapham shares his tale of meeting a koala, which Homo Superiorus has always designated "furry, cute, and loveable", we learn that this particular exceptional creature will have none of the author's hubris and promptly gives him paws.

Edwina Pickles is the Australian photographer who shares with us the image of this beautiful, rightfully territorial, creature, which Pliny, writing long ago, considered far more exceptional than Homo Inferiorus. Mr. Lapham writes:

The studies of Pliny the Elder in the first century demonstrated to his satisfaction that so exceptional were the wonders of the animal kingdom that man by comparison “is the only animal that knows nothing and can learn nothing without being taught. He can neither speak, nor walk, nor eat, nor do anything without the prompting of nature, but only weep.”

I would suggest the tears of Homo Conqueratus are indeed crocodile, but that would be unkind to another wondrous creature.

Complete article here: < >

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Uh oh."

Uh oh, those pesky 99 per-centers have their hats and hands out again for those pesky entitlements.

Incredibly powerful art from another excellent Common Dreams article about income disparity:

"Brother, can ya' spare some cake?"