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Monday, April 14, 2014

"Strange Reprise about Nuclear Love"

Oh, for Heaven's sake, we were giving it away...

And for Heaven's sake, frightening.

We at Peace Engineering are frightened, and rightly so. Even without knowledge of the nuclear arsenal, many components of which are decaying, and of the potential for disaster if even a tiny number of the the 17,000 weapons were used -- even without all that, we humans consider the world a scary place.

However, though frightened, we at Peace Engineering are still filled with optimism and resolve, and still recommend that in spite of the inherent dangers, Citizens employ critical thinking, and then move through that frightened stage to the activist stage during which we deactivate all those pesky nuclear weapons. Perhaps we ought term it the "deactivist" stage.

Last year, International Physicians for Social Responsibility reported that 2 billion people risk death from the catastrophic climate change following a nuclear exchange using only ½ of 1 percent of all weapons available. Worse, a full-scale nuclear war among the nuclear powers using all 17,000 nuclear weapons would end life as we know it.

"It's worse, Jim, Life is over."

From April 17th through April 19th, our director, John Miller, will be in St. Louis, Missouri, and Belleville, Illinois, to reprise a demonstration of what happens when one of those devices, particularly a weapon much larger than those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, detonates over a city.

As they say in movies and on TV, "Stay tuned for further details."