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Friday, January 1, 2016

"And now for something completely different."

"Clearly you Folks need a renaissance, maybe another revolution too."

Okay, Boys and Girls, and all the other wondrous variations on the theme of Humanity, let's begin this critical New Year [1] with an equally critical question: "Who are you?"

Here's the plan for 2016: We are making Peace Engineering into a cooperative [2], and we are developing a new political party, which will also be a cooperative, one that will be so Citizen-friendly that millions of people will join.

They will join because they are overjoyed to find a new, wonderfully different organization that will finally replace the Two Big Parties, the collective behavior of which has for so long been dreadfully exasperating, sickeningly depressing, and exceedingly boring.

They will also join because they know the Democratic and Republican parties have long since lost their usefulness, have blatantly abandoned the Citizens for the sake of their own self-interests, and worst of all, have kept us in a state of war that both parties eagerly wish to perpetuate because that activity is so delightfully profitable [3].

Thus by November 8th, at least 80% of registered voters will rush to the booths and select all the candidates of the new party, thrilled with the prospect of having qualified people actually represent and more important, listen to the Citizens, those wise folks who have always had the answers in the first place.

Imagine this peaceful revolution, a well-deserved renaissance for ourselves and our country!

Finally, we expand our first question: "Who are you, and will you participate in this revolution and rebirth?"

Happily, determining the answer requires only three steps:

Step 1: In a mirror, look yourself right in the eye.
Step 2: Ask yourself, "Do I have the courage for this?"
Step 3: If so, contact us [4], and we'll listen to you sharing your ideas.


1. Sean Wilentz write of this critical election here:

2. The best explanation of a co-operative we've seen recently is here:

3. Italicized to honor all those who have been and continue to be killed or injured in this murderous process.

4. Contact: 563-564-6221, < jmill2k (at) earthlink (dot) net >, P.O. Box 3037, Dubuque, Iowa 52004.

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