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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What happened on your Birth Day?

Each one of us has experienced a day or a series of days that lead us to believe the Universe was in bad shape on our Day of Birth.

The lyrics to "Born Under a Bad Sign" were written by William Bell, with music by Booker T. Jones, for blues singer Albert King.

~ Keep in mind that Albert [1923-1987] was six-foot four! ~

When we have those days, we may hear in our minds a haunting variation of the lyrics: "Born under a bad sign, been down since I began to crawl. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all."

And guess what, it's true! For anyone who's paying the least bit of attention to what's happening on the planet, a glance in the mirror should prompt the question, "Why me?" 

Everyone alive today either is or ought to be wondering, wondering how in the name of the Cosmos that birthed us have we arrived at such a dreadful time in history, a time when if we don't change our selfish behaviors we shall incinerate our home planet, and if we don't change our violent inclinations, we shall blow ourselves to smithereens.

Worst case scenario with temperature, our species is slowly toasted. Worst case with nukes is different: If only 2% of all nuclear weapons in the global arsenal are launched, two billion people are effected immediately, either evaporating, suffering unimaginably until death arrives, or sitting farther away from the detonations in a daze. About the third group, my friend B.L. would have them consider, "You won't even be able to trade your Lamborghini for a dirty plastic jug of filthy water."

Let's leave those depressing thoughts behind and move rapidly toward optimism.

The purpose of Peace Engineering is to help people find peace of mind, and there's no better way to develop your peace of mind than by heartily seeking solutions. Feeling hopeful is useful only to the extent you use that hope to drive your peaceful inclinations.

In our next post, we'll introduce everyone to Peace 2020, the Road Show, a drama we'll share with small towns, chosen by the "one high school method", throughout the country, and a drama based on the premise that the Citizens have had the solutions to our poor nation's woes all along. We shall be starting that journey very soon gathering the answers from the Citizens who've discovered them, then sharing those solutions with those who are not yet aware.

Stay tuned.

~ If you need further information, please call us at 563.564.6221 ~

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